This post investigates Python keyword "in" by conducting a pair of control experiments. The result shows that the efficiency of "in" may depend on the data structure it is applied to.



This post uses a simple example to illustrate the difference between [ and [[ when dealing with pathname expansion.



This post provides a possible solution to deal with the slowing down of iTerm (iTerm2 Build 3.0.4) after a long period of use.



This post shows steps to install gulp and bower, two node modules for npm, globally on Mac OSX.



This post provides some tricks for installing srilm for Kaldi. Although I only tested the steps on RedHat and Ubuntu, it is reasonable to predict that it will work well on other platforms.



This post is previously in the "Projects" section and is moved to my WordPress blog for a more organized archive structure. It is a brief note of the programming on MATLAB GUI.